Thursday, August 16, 2007


The name is not EASTER but EOSTRE the name of an Anglo Saxon Goddess which is the festival of the Barbarians which would have coincided with this festival.The following Sunday after full moon which falls after March 21st. It is the date of the sun immigration. There is no word in the bible called EASTER. Satan has creped it inside Christianity that the Christians may be deviated from the truth ,Easter egg, Easter duck, Easter cake are all from this heathen traditions which has creped into Christianity, How blindly we follow it.

THE WORD EASTER is derived from ISHTAR- ASHTAROTH the Babylonian title of an idol goddess. It was worship of this woman by Israel which was an abomination in the sight of the lord.

The fable goes like this, when a wondrous egg of a big size fell from heaven into the river Euphrates, the fishes rolled it to the brook where doves settled on it and Ishtar the goddess of Easter. Easter Christmas, lady day, lent and other Babylonian festivals were all borrowed from this heathen religion and were observed centuries before Christ. None of them have any relationship to Christ (or) Christianity.




Monday, January 22, 2007

IMG_8427ac Poor but Smiling Young Mother poor but smiling young




This incident happened two months ago,my elder brother got job in software company.
So he gave me treat we had good time in hotel after enjoing treat we were returning home,
when we reached tambaram railway station, i saw a women sleeping in platform and she was
eating the food which were on the i and my brother decided to give food so i went and got briyanni to her since she was not in the position to get that food.I kept that parcel on her hand since it was hot she removed her hand. I told her that please have this food,she saw me and smiled and i also smiled, suddenly she throwed that parcel and she started scolding us.

since it was late night no one was there,one man came from shop and he told that she is a mad, she will eat only the food which is on the ground.He throwed a bannana suddenly she took that and started eating that.After seeing this incident i was literally crying.......................

From that day i decided to help the poor, iam not telling to boost me or to uplift me iam telling this so that you should have passion towards the unreached people.


I dont tell you to give every thing you have,but give what you can.The bible says if you help the poor the heaven rejoice. So if you are helping the poor the whole heaven rejoice and the angels and heavenly father bless you so please help the needy people.


I have seen people giving the old cloths and giving old food to the poor,why? are they so cheep are you so bigshot, please dont give like that.If you are interested please give them a good and hearty food so that you are happy and they are also happy.If you are buying a cloths buy another set so that you can give to a poor.

So what more republic day is nearing, so we will take a decision from that day we will try to help the people and we should decide that we r going to be a blessing river to again i ask you help the needy people.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006




My MOM went on a tour with there collegue for 10 days,that ten days were horrible and empty in my life.Mom left the home on evening,that day went well and i slept well my fake began from next morning,i was waiting for coffee from my mother's but it came from servent...........

when i was getting redy my shirt was not ready ,pant was not ready,and shoes were not polished because my sweet mom was not there.Usually mom will feed when iam wearing shoe but on that no one came because of this i even missed my college bus............

When i was travelling in bus i started on thinking i just slept and i was crying for my mom,and when i stepped into college then only i realised that i missed my college ID card.The trouble bagan from that morning and the whole day there was a vanity in my HEART and i was logging for love but no one can show how my mom will.......................

usually mom will cook and we will eat but from that day my father took in charge for 10 days, really it was good and my father worked hard and he use to cook some wonderfull food and that days were awesome,and in that day's something happened that mom also dont no that day's cannot be explianed in words.................

And i learned many good things like cooking,washing cloths,cleaning my rooms etcEven though everything was fine but without mom it was something empty and vanity..............

The day of joy and happiness came after a long gap, my mom returnd chennai,she called over phone and said that "we are having meating i will come only in evening" i just cried and said ma plz come now......... she cancelled all things and came running then i hugged her and i realised mother's love.................

In that day's i learned MOTHER'S LOVE ...................................

Monday, October 30, 2006

some good facts




  1. save time
  2. can sleep well
  3. don't have to bother about missed calls
  4. don't have to worry about how you look
  5. can eat in any restaurent
  6. no borring SMS in the middle of night
  7. can talk with all boys
  8. there won't be any advice
  9. can go any where with any one
  10. don't have to listen to same old crap jokes


you will live a long life

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...........

Sunday, October 22, 2006




I may be polite,good,helpful but without LOVE iam an soundin brass or a clanging cymbal.Though i have the gift of understanding all mystries and all knowledge and though i have all faith,so that i could remove mountains but have not LOVE ,iam nothing.Though i bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and though i give my body to be burned,but have not LOVE it profits me nothing.


Suffers long and is kind,

Does not envy,

is not puffed up,

Does not parade itself ,

Does not behave rudely,

Does not seek its own,

Is not provoked,

Thinks no evil,

Bears all things,

Beleives all things,

Hopes all things,

Endures all things,

from ur loving brother manoj......

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

hai friends iam manoj from india, doing B.E computer science in chennai(tamilnadu). I dont know anything in blog iam new to this area so you as my friend teach something so that this blog will look good,atleast not bad